Zhejiang Weiwei electronic sanitary ware co., ltd is China's first control of intelligent bathroom core technology, engaged in high-tech intelligent bathroom research and development, production and sales of large enterprises.  The company participated in the industry " toilet cleaner" standard drafting, is the Ministry of construction China housing facilities Committee standing director of the unit.
 Wei Wei adheres to the innovative concept of developing healthy, energy - saving, environmental protection, intelligent and humanized intelligent bathroom, has more than 50 experienced senior designers to form a design team, relying on the industry development trend and high-tech exquisite grasp, product design closely meet the needs of consumers, highlighting the unique personality and humanization.  The group has a scientific and perfect management system, covering from product design, raw material procurement, product production, product sales to after-sales service of each link, to ensure that each product is not only a boutique, is Wei Wei pursuit of Excellence in the perfect faith.
 The company passed and strictly implemented iso 9001: 2008 quality certification system, products through the national CQC and other related certification.  Wei Wei has been identified as " high - tech enterprises", " quality and integrity demonstration unit" and " outstanding contribution unit" and other more than a dozen certification, shows the country, industry, enterprises and consumers of the company's strength and performance of full affirmation and trust.
 Since the early 1990s, Wei Wei ( formerly known as " Zhejiang Jiaojiang siliao co., ltd. ) has taken the lead in the research and development of intelligent toilets in China as a forward-looking industry leader.  In 1995, it successfully developed the first intelligent toilet cover in China, and initiated a new era of intelligent technology in China.  In 2003, it successfully developed the first integrated multifunctional intelligent toilet in China, which once again subverted the industry legend and led the industry in the forefront of science and technology.  So far, Weiwei group has developed intelligent shower room, bathtub, bathroom cabinet and intelligent urine when the overall intelligent sanitary ware products, become an expert in intelligent bathroom, give consumers technical care and considerate into the " dimensional" comfort.
 Wei Wei company is committed to the majority of consumers to bring convenient and healthy lifestyle, at present in more than 100 countries and regions in the country has a large sales outlets, is the strength of the domestic sanitary ware industry model.  Products sell well in the country, and exported to Europe, Japan, Taiwan, hong kong and other regions, by the market and customers praise.
 Wei Wei company with harmony for your, co - operation, harmonious innovation, keep pace with the times, the future will be leading technology, excellent quality, perfect marketing service system, for people to bring convenient and healthy way of life.
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